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Recreational Youth

Program Overview

  • Skiers will be: 

  • 10 years old and older

  • Be introduced to basic classic on flat terrain progressing to hilly terrain

  • Develop confidence on skis

  • Build fitness and endurance

  • Learn how to dress for cold weather

  • Have opportunities to participate in fun Jackrabbits events

  • A nordic program designed for skiers who did not participate in the "Jackrabbits" program but are beginning their ski training from the  ages 10 years and older OR, for those wanting a recreational option to continue skill development. Coaches will instruct the fundamentals on ski technique and skills. A fun way to begin, or carry on with your skiing. 

  • You will not be part of Nordiq Canada’s skill development program therefore will not receive an evaluation or toque. 

When? How Much?

Cost: $60.00 (does not include Family Membership)

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