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Club Prices

To become a member, you simply fill out a membership form online. There are a number of membership options:

  • Student membership is $25/season

  • Single membership is $35/season

  • Family membership is $50/season


To register online, please click


Membership includes trail usage, warm up cabin (when open), participation in "Fun Days" , Adult ski rentals, Masters skiing and recreational skiing. There will be an added $20 fee per member for Nordiq Canada and Nordiq AB fees. 

Youth programs are an additional fee.  All youth program registration is done on a separate link sent out to all current members. Limited spaces per group. 

Parents/Tot :  2-3 year old - once a week for 4 weeks - $30/ session, 3 sessions

Bunny :  4-5 year old - once a week for 6 weeks - $30/session, 2 sessions

JackRabbit 1 & 2 :  6-9 year old - once a week for 7 weeks - $40/session, 2 sessions

JackRabbit 3 & 4 :  6-9 year old - twice a week  for 16 weeks - $85/session , 1 session

Recreational Youth : 10 years  and older - twice  a week for 7 weeks - $60/session, 2 sessions

TrackAttack : 10-12 year old - twice a week for 25 weeks $100/session, 1 session

(Must be able to demonstrate you have completed Jackrabbit 4)

Youth Development  : 12-18 years old - three times per week - $175/child

If you think you might want to be part of this program please contact for more information.

 (Coach approval required prior to registering)

When registering your child the youth programming selections will open up when their birth date falls within programming ages. 








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