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Track Attack


Program Overview

Skiers will be:

  • 10-12 years old

  •  Program is designed for skiers in the learning to train stage of cross country ski development.

  • Challenged to improve their skate and classic ski techniques on flat and hilly terrain

  •  Encouraged to participate in local ski loppets 

  • Introduced to dressing for winter outdoor pursuits, nutrition, hydration and ski care, including how to wax ski

  •  Encouraged to ski at least once a week outside of PNSC training classes with friends and family to continue to develop their skills and maintain fitness. 

  • Introduced to Alberta Cup Series Events

  •  Encouraged to purchase own equipment for training (both skate and classic equipment) 

  • Youth are trained to become technically competent cross country skiers.



When? How Much?

25 weeks. $50 dryland sessions and/or $150 skiing sessions . 1hr lesson on Tuesdays 7pm then possible change to 6pm and Saturdays 11am with possible change to 2pm. Starts September/October to March.

* Must be able to demonstrate you have completed Jackrabbit 3 or have otherwise discussed with the program coordinator.

If you think you have completed Jackrabbit 3 please contact

Where do I get equipment? 

Two Options:

1. Will pick up (skis, poles & boots) before class and return equipment to the Equipment Room after each lesson. $0.00

2. Classic ski rental (skis, poles & boots). $75.00 - You will be able to keep the equipment for the entire season. 

Parent Involvement


Parents are expected to help with clothes and equipment, joining in classes and games if needed, and arranging refreshments. Parents are also encouraged to become certified instructors by taking the training courses arranged by the Ski Club.

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