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Youth Development 

Program Overview

Skiers will be: 

  • 10 - 18 years old    

  • Challenged to improve their skate and classic ski techniques at developmentally appropriate distances and difficulties

  • Participate in local ski loppets, and other weekend activities  waxing clinics

  • Expected to ski several times per week outside of training sessions with friends and family to continue to develop their skills and maintain their fitness. 

  • ​Expected to apply and manage their own waxing for training

  • Encouraged to purchase their own equipment for training (Classic and Skate) and encouraged to invest in racing equipment.

  • Participate in Alberta Cup Series Events with preparation for Western, Regional, National and Multi-Sport Events

  • Separate Summer Dryland Training session with related training sessions and occasional camps as opportunity arises.

How much? When?

Cost: $175.00 (does not include Membership)
90-120 min class, three times a week

Session: September - March

*Athlete volunteer hours - All Youth Development athletes are required to volunteer up to 10 hours to be a part of this program*

If you think you would like to be part of this program, please contact for more information.


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