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Recreational Youth

Program Overview

  • Skiers will:

  • 10 years old and older

  • Be introduced to basic classic on flat terrain progressing to hilly terrain

  • Develop confidence on skis

  • Build fitness and endurance

  • Learn how to dress for cold weather

  • Have opportunities to participate in fun Jackrabbits events

  • A nordic program designed for skiers who did not participate in the "Jackrabbits" program but are beginning their ski training from the  ages 10 years and older OR, for those wanting a recreational option to continue skill development. Coaches will instruct the fundamentals on ski technique and skills. A fun way to begin, or carry on with your skiing. 

  • You will not be part of Nordiq Canada’s skill development program therefore will not receive an evaluation or toque. 

When? How Much?

 1 x 8 week session. $60/session. 60 min on Saturday

*Due to coaching shortage this program may not go ahead. Participants registering in this program will be placed in the next best suitable class if a separate class cannot exist. 

Where do I get equipment? 

Three Options:

1. Will pick up skis & boots before class and return equipment to the Equipment Room after each lesson. $0.00

2. Classic ski rental (skis, poles & boots) for 1 session. $35.00  - Equipment to be picked up before session start and dropped off at the last lesson.

3. Classic ski rental (skis, poles & boots) for 2 sessions. $75.00 - You will be able to keep the equipment for the entire season. **This is only available for those registered in both sessions**

Parent involvement

Parents are expected to help with clothes and equipment, joining in classes and games if needed and arranging refreshments. Parents are also encouraged to become certified instructors by taking the training courses arranged by the ski club.

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